“You must be exhausted” or “That’s cool – what else are you up to?”

One of our Flip the Script mastermind group participants were telling us all the things she had gotten up to and it was a lot. She received coaching from Edson about who to listen to. Was she listening to people that said “You must be exhausted” or “That’s cool, what else are you up to?”

This reminded me of how important it is to have people that uplift you around you because it is bound to affect you in some way. If you are doing a lot and loving it and then people around you start saying things like “That sounds like hard work” or “You must be really tired”, it can make you question whether you are doing too much. On the flip side, if someone says “That sounds amazing – keep it up”, “Have you thought about doing this too?”, you may feel inclined to do more.

In reality, it’s more of a reflection of how the other person feels about it rather than the amount you are doing. Not only did it make me think about who I am listening to, but it also made me think about what I say to others. Am I being positive and encouraging? Am I being a good role model? Am I helping and supporting this person?

What are you saying to others and who do you listen to?