Do you celebrate on the 24th or the 25th December?

I grew up in the UK so we celebrated Christmas on the 25th. Since I moved to Switzerland and my husband is Swedish, I get to celebrate on the 24th as well. It’s a bit of a mishmash in our family.

When does Santa come? Growing up, I would go to bed and by the morning, there would be presents under the tree. With my husband’s family, Santa (a member of the family or a neighbor) normally visits after Christmas Eve dinner and hands out presents to the kids.

There were other Christmas traditions for me to get used to like at 3pm on the 24th in Sweden, there’s a classic cartoon series on TV – it’s the same every year but the last cartoon is a brand new one. I’m used to watching the Queen’s speech at 3pm in the UK on the 25th.

Then when it comes to food, ham is very traditional in Sweden, turkey in England and funnily enough Chinese fondue in Switzerland. Since we’re not able to go to the UK this year, I’ve decided to go for turkey.

Besides seeing family and friends, I’m missing small treats from the UK like mince pies, crackers, chocolate oranges, a big box of Maltesers…. Are you missing anything?

Wherever you are in the world and however you are celebrating – I wish you a wonderful wonderful holiday!