I was driving like a snail to see my accountant last week. We’d just had a huge snowfall and the roads were full of snow pushed to the side. I struggled to get into the parking space as there were mounds of snow leading up to it. Frustrated, I left the space and went round the corner instead.

When I got to my accountant, she said “It’s so beautiful isn’t it?”. My first thought was “It is so… impractical”. We were looking at the same thing but with different eyes. She had taken public transport to work that day as she “wanted to walk in the snow”.

My little boy sees snow as fun, he thinks of sledging and can’t wait to get out there and throw snowballs. I think of it as cold, wet and restrictive. I haven’t seen this much snow in Zurich for a long long time and I certainly have driven in such conditions before.

I took a moment and was surprised to see how negatively I was viewing it. I looked out the window and saw the trees covered in it, just like a winter wonderland scene and could see what she was seeing – it really is beautiful.

I needed to take a step back for a moment and appreciate it. I know it won’t last forever and yes, it does make me change my usual behavior, so why not see more sides to it.

What does snow mean to you?