“I don’t have green fingers”

I was telling Dan and Kata, who are part of our Flip the Script mastermind that I didn’t have green fingers, and most plants died on me. Dan and Kata are the co-founders of FROOF (1), teaching people to grow their own food, make their own medicine and convert their waste into gold.

Some of my friends are into permaculture, some make kefir or kombucha and many have green fingers. Although I’ve been curious, I’ve never taken the step to do anything about it since to be honest, I was worried I’d poison myself with such concoctions.

Now you know me, I like trying new things, so when Froof created a membership offering where they send videos every month on simple things to grow or make, I was very tempted. I thought it would be great to do with my son and we would be learning together.

But first, I had lots of questions, like where do I start, I don’t have a garden, I only have a balcony, it’s winter now, etc, etc. They reassured me that I could grow things in any space and they patiently answered all my questions. I began to feel more comfortable and I signed up for their membership (2) and just attended my first Zoom call with them.

I have just bought myself some Rocket seeds and am super excited to make ginger beer. Like everything, we start somewhere and grow from there.

Check them out and become a froofer too.