“If you don’t move, it’s going to get worse.”

I was training with my fitness instructor Adrienne of Breezefit Training (1) and told her that after a fall on black ice that I could still feel my shoulder. I had let it rest for a week. She explained that if I didn’t move it, the muscles around it were going to get weaker and it was going to get worse. It was important to keep moving.

When she said it, I immediately understood what she meant. When we have a physical injury, we often become sensitive around this area, often wherever possible avoiding moving it. However, we can start to lose mobility and strength there because we’re not building it up again.

It sounds very natural when you hurt your shoulder, but what about other areas and topics that are less obvious? There may have been times in the past where you were called names or criticized or just experienced a bad outcome. We are often protective about those areas without even realizing it. We end up restricting ourselves, not making moves, or taking action in fear of injuring ourselves further.

If you’re afraid of doing something, ask yourself why that could be. Sometimes it’s obvious and at other times it’s not. It can be your subconscious mind protecting you fromf something that happened a while back. These are the times where it’s good to pay attention and work with the subconscious mind.