My little boy loves gummy bears as much as I do. I found a recipe for fruit gummies using agar agar powder and I thought, why not try them out?

I heated some apple juice together with a bit of honey and added the powder. I poured them into a shallow container and patiently waited for them to set. I was excited to try them out, thinking that we would no longer need to buy store gummies anymore.

I cut the slab up into small pieces and tried them. Hmmm… the texture was…. a bit different. My little boy tried one. Hmm.. he chewed it slowly. I offered him another and that’s when I got the clearest feedback ever.


It doesn’t get clearer than that. Admittedly, they weren’t very gummy like, it was more like soft plastic or very hard jelly.

My little boy gives me the clearest feedback ever. There’s no doubt what he likes and dislikes. I know exactly where I stand.

If only we could keep some of this clarity as adults. Of course, we don’t want to go around shouting No, but we can listen to what we want and communicate it so the other understands.

I often have clients that find it difficult to say no and set boundaries. Once you start to understand what it is you like and dislike, then it is easier to give clear feedback.

Where could you be clearer?