“You have my permission to remind me.”

Have you ever wanted to do something and asked someone to remind you to do it? For example, you want to get going with a new habit like running and you ask your partner or friend to keep you on track. However, when they remind you, you kick up a fuss and don’t do it. No, surely that’s not you.

In our last Show up and Step up session, Edson spoke of giving someone permission to remind you. It’s a subtle difference. Not only are you asking them to remind you, but you are also giving them the green light to remind you. If you start to kick up a fuss, they can always say to you “Hey, you gave me permission to do this – get on with it”.

You basically have no more arguments and it’s best to go ahead and do what you wanted to do. It’s like having a reinforced feather coaxing you out of the door.

Next time you want a stronger reminder to do something, ask someone to help you and give them that extra permission to follow through on it. It’s the same when you hire someone to work with you, you are essentially giving them permission to help you.

Is there an area where you need to give that extra permission to someone?

Give permission and let me know how it goes for you.