Talk your way…

Have you ever talked your way out of something? Years ago, I thought about asking an amazing speaker to be my keynote for a large event. I remember thinking all sorts of thoughts – that she probably wouldn’t want to do it, it wasn’t big enough for her, she wouldn’t want to travel here, etc. A friend suggested that I ask her and see.

She said YES and she was a brilliant keynote speaker bringing tons of energy to the event. I am so glad that I spoke to my friend about it and he suggested that I ask. Otherwise, I would not have bothered. How often do we talk ourselves out of things? It’s natural that we don’t want to get rejected and it’s safer to not put ourselves out there. That’s the comfort zone.

The good thing is that if we talk ourselves out of things, we can also talk ourselves into things too! We can tell ourselves things are possible, to give it a go, to ask and see. 

Of course, people can still say no but at least you didn’t say no for them yourself by not asking. There is a chance they say yes too. Notice when you are saying no for others because, in reality, we don’t know what people will say. The only way we will know for sure… is to ask.

Talk your way into things!

PS: If you are having a hard time talking your way into things, book a complimentary discovery call with me to see how I can help.