My husband invited me to join him for a 21-day challenge on Essentialism from Greg McKeown. We’re just over halfway through and it’s really interesting as it gets you to think about what is really important and what we say yes to.

There is so much we could do yet we can’t do it all, so what does a yes feel like to you? 

I have a few different types of yes. Some are slow-burning yeses, where someone suggests something and my first reaction is a No but a seed has been planted. It can sit there for a while and if it pops up in my mind often enough, it can turn into a maybe and later a yes. I call this the slow-burning yes because it takes a while to get there. This yes feels thought through.

Then there’s the yes that feels like an obligation. These are the ones that I feel that I don’t really want to do but feel the obligation to say yes to. These feel a bit heavier and often with a smidge of regret for not saying no to. I’m recognizing these more and saying no to them more often. 

There are others that are a hell YES! I want to do it now. I am super excited about it and don’t want to wait. That feels like an expansion in my chest area.  My enthusiasm bubbles over and I’m ready to go. 

Take care with what you say yes to. What does yes feel like for you?