I recently went to a dentist office that had a wall covered in certificates and letters. As I was waiting to see the dentist, I started reading some of them. Some were certificates of his educational achievements and others were letters of acknowledgement or appreciation from workshops and seminars he had given. 

I had never thought to hang these things on the wall but it added to his credibility and were an insight into some of his endeavors. They were printed testimonials for his patients to see. It made me think about people putting up their trophies and why not? It’s a good reminder of your successes.

We can remind ourselves in different ways. We can show it to the world or we can keep it private for ourselves too. For example, you could put a photo of you doing something you love or are proud of on your wall, computer or phone background, you could keep a file of happy testimonials to refer to, you could save old emails that make you smile. Whatever works for you.

Whenever you are feeling low or need an extra boost of courage, you can take a look at them and remember how they make you feel. Sometimes, a small shift can help us realise what we have and be grateful for it, changing our state of mind for the positive.

What do you use to remind yourself of your success?