“You can’t perform surgery on yourself”

A therapist once shared this quote. We were discussing why it was sometimes hard to work on our own topics by ourselves. 

There are different reasons why it can be harder. For a start, we can be knee-deep in it and not see the issue properly. You don’t know where to start with or what you are dealing with. 

It can involve revisiting uncomfortable events or situations in your life. Who wants to do that? Your subconscious kicks in and diverts your attention. To something easy and mundane instead, avoiding any pain.

You may have lived with something for a long time and you’re used to it. You may not know how to change it otherwise you would have done it earlier. 

There are things we can work through ourselves. You have the knowledge within you. However, sometimes it is easier to work with someone. You don’t run away and there is someone to support you through it.

I also work with therapists on my own topics. Some things I can handle myself and for some, I know it’s right to work with someone else.

How about you? Have you been wanting to change something for a while? Have you tried different things yourself and not got to where you want? Is it time to seek professional help? There are many different people and methods out there that can help. Often, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

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