I have a kitchen cupboard full of tea. There’s fragrant loose leaf tea that people have given me as gifts, there are Chinese green teas, herbal ones, the odd bag here and there and my daily go-to tea – a good old-fashioned black tea. I’m from the UK after all and grew up with a good ol’ cuppa. The cupboard was starting to overflow. 

I was getting tired of the tea just sitting there so I decided to stop buying my usual teabags and start drinking down some of the older teas. It was interesting because I found some really nice teas there that I didn’t realise I had. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that I was missing my black tea so bought a small box instead of my usual bumper-sized one and restricted myself to one a day followed by drinking up some of the older teas. I started to  appreciate my morning black tea more and got to try out other flavours. It’s a nice combination of the normal with a bit of variety.

It’s like when you end up wearing the same things every day, it’s good now and then to dig a bit deeper and wear something else. They say we often end up wearing just 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. 

What other areas do we do this in? Do you read the same kind of books? Meet the same friends? Do the same work? Is it time for a bit of variety?