“I don’t want to bother them”

I have heard this so many times from clients and even thought this at times myself. Have you ever said this and not reached out to ask someone for help or to make a request?

This can be for situations like asking someone if they have time for a virtual coffee, asking if they would like to be a podcast guest, asking for career advice and others. It can happen when you think someone is unavailable or busy, they are more senior in your company or feel like they are a “celebrity” in the area.

It may stem from childhood where you were told by parents to not disturb someone, be quiet, keep yourself to yourself, etc. We may find ourselves talking ourselves out of the situation and not send the request. I know it takes a bit of courage to make these requests and since we don’t know the situation of the other person, it is worth us making it. The recipient might well be very happy and pleased to meet or help you out and relish the opportunity too.

If the person is really too busy, then they will say no or you won’t hear back. Sometimes we need to send follow-up messages and that’s normal. People are busy but it doesn’t mean that they feel bothered by your request.

So if you ever find yourself saying “I don’t want to bother them”, I encourage you to go ahead and make the request anyway and expect to make follow-ups. Good luck!

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