Can something that happened more than 30 or 40 years ago still affect you? Absolutely.

I find it very sad to see people negatively affected by situations in their childhood. One such situation that often crops up is bullying. It comes up again and again and even if we understand it logically, emotionally it can still be hard to let go of the feelings.

Sometimes bullies can be physical and at other times, it’s mental, leaving someone out of a group, not talking to them, or being controlling. Whilst as adults we know that the bully was often in pain themselves, our younger selves don’t see it that way as they were on the receiving end.

How can it affect you now? It can show up in different ways; being afraid to speak up in new groups, not being able to trust others, afraid to sell your services. Don’t you find it crazy that something that happened so long ago can still affect you? I do.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t think it’s crazy though. It’s doing its job of protecting you from feeling rejection, abandonment, sadness, betrayal, and other emotions. It’s keeping you away from harm and keeping you safe.

Once you understand that it is your subconscious mind protecting you, you can start speaking to it and change these old beliefs that you are still holding onto. 

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