I often forget how important acknowledgment and celebration are. I was reminded of this when I joined the last meeting of my Toastmasters year (1).

Krisztina, the president of my club International Lunchtime Toastmasters (2) gave an outgoing speech and acknowledged the challenges of the year. She had decided to run for president 1.5 years ago which was before Corona. Needless to say, the world is very different now. 

I would like to acknowledge Krisztina and her committee. When Covid hit, they quickly moved to online meetings so that everyone could still participate. They also managed to provide hybrid meetings which they managed, given the technicalities, incredibly well.

It was impressive that they managed to obtain the President’s Distinguished Award which is the highest award a club can get in a year. This is calculated by the club gaining new members, levels the members have attained, committee members taking part in training, etc. 

On top of the normal club meetings, they also held workshops on different topics and they ran contests. Some of the members went on to win some of the advanced contests in German and English as well. 

Perhaps behind the scenes, they were like ducks, paddling furiously beneath the water whilst looking cool and collected above water. As a normal member, if this happened, I never saw any of it, so kudos to the whole committee. Congratulations to you all.

Who and what would you like to acknowledge and celebrate?7


  1. The Toastmasters year is a bit different, it runs from July to June.
  2. My club’s site is https://iltm.ch/