“How heavy is that?”

We were down in our basement showing a friend my husband’s weight-lighting gym. He looked at the weights loaded on the weight-lifting bar and asked how heavy it was. It was 75kg. He was impressed. 

My husband didn’t start out lifting 75kg weights. He started a few years back lifting 20kg and slowly built up to where he is. It all came about from him listening to the benefits of lifting as you grew older. He started working out at a gym and after injuring himself a few times, he decided to seek professional help. He hired a coach to make sure he was getting his technique right.

A couple of years back, at one of our family offsites, he decided that one of his 3 goals that quarter was to build a home gym (1). He was so grateful to have this during the Covid lockdown periods. 

Since then, he’s been consistently training in his gym at least 2 times a week, tracking the weights he’s been lifting in his black notebook. 

Time, energy, and focus are what he’s put in and the results show in his physique as well as the number of weights hanging on the bar.

Which area would you like to become stronger in?  What weights are you lifting?

PS: Would you like help getting stronger in an area you want to work on? Book a free discovery call with me to discuss. 


  1. https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/168-lets-celebrate-our-achievements-more/