“You’re going to break it.”

My little boy loved my old armchair. It rocked…. literally. Some days it was like he was a pirate on a stormy sea, he would see how far the boat would go. We often told him to stop as we were afraid it would flip or break. And one day it did. It came off the base.

We tried to fix it but to no avail. We asked where we had gotten it from but no luck. We resigned ourselves to saying farewell and taking it to the dump. It was time to let go.

Actually, it was my chair. Imagine the recliners that Joey and Chandler had  on Friends. It was so comfy. If I couldn’t sleep at night, I’d sleep on my chair. It was my movie-watching chair, my nursing chair, my chill-out chair, my “I don’t want to talk to anyone” chair.

So it was very strange when I had to say goodbye to it. We went to the local dump early because we thought it would be busy. Since the pandemic, there’s been a backlog of people wanting to let go of old stuff.

It makes sense, people have come to realise more of what they do and don’t need. It’s given new perspectives and many have realised they don’t need all that they did before.

It was time to say goodbye and acknowledge the good times and make space for new. It wasn’t easy as this chair provided me with a lot of comfort and good memories.

What is it time for you to let go of?

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