Have you ever said this yourself? I often hear this from my clients. It often comes with a pang of guilt; a mixture of pride having high standards and being annoyed with themselves because they know it takes them more time.

I’ve seen it when people talk about writing books, producing photo albums, writing reports, giving speeches, anything that involves a final product that needs to be presented somewhere.

Where does this come from? There is often a combination of factors sometimes including rigid and high parental expectations, low self-esteem, or the feeling of not being good enough. As a child, they may have faced disapproval and the fear of being reprimanded. In their minds, if they produce “perfect” things, then no one can fault them and they meet the high expectations of those around them. 

If everyone thought this way, there wouldn’t be as many wonderful books or products out there in the world. Some ways of reframing this would be that people get more time to enjoy your product and you can also write revisions, 2nd, 3rd, or even a 20th editions. 

By getting your products out, you can get feedback and new insights on how you can improve them. If you find yourself suffering from perfectionism, ask yourself why and be kind to yourself. It takes courage and practice to put things out into the world and the more you do it, the more you learn and the more others get to enjoy them. 

If you would like help getting to the root of why you always want things to be perfect, book a free discovery call with me to discuss.