I was recently interviewed by my friend Monika Mueller, an amazing personal styling consultant with her company Signature Five. In the past, I’ve worked with her to remodel my wardrobe and she’s also worked with my services. 

She asked me to talk about Rapid Transformational Therapy and how I got into it so I shared my journey. 

When she invited me to speak on her Style with Confidence online group program. we looked at what was stopping people from feeling confident. Many of them found they were seeking external validation. It’s so common as it’s often in our nature to please those around us so we feel safe and have a better chance of survival. Think about how tribes work. 

I shared some of my own journey in the interview and what I did when working with Monika. At the time, she helped me realise that I was in a bit of a clothes rut. I was used to investing in my business and work wardrobe but not in my personal one. It was partly out of habit, for example shopping in the same shops or going for the same colours, so I was glad when Monika could show me what was possible.  She picked things for me that I normally wouldn’t go for and was pleasantly surprised when they looked good on me. 

Our work together really compliments each other tackling confidence from the outside as well as the inside. If you would like help feeling more confident with your style, I highly recommend Monika and her services! Thanks Monika for interviewing me, you can find her website here and our interview here.