Procaffeinating (n). the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

I was walking past a coffee shop and saw a sign with this written on it and it made me smile. Whilst I don’t drink coffee anymore – I haven’t for years, I know what it was like when I did. I couldn’t do anything until I’d had my morning coffee. Are you like that?

I remember when I stopped drinking coffee – it was years ago when I was on holiday in New York. We visited the musical Chicago and I fell asleep in the theatre because I was suffering from caffeine withdrawal. It took me about a week to start feeling a bit more normal since I was used to drinking two to three cups a day. A nice side-effect of not drinking coffee was that I could get out of bed more easily, I wasn’t needing that first cup of coffee before I could start my day. An unexpected side effect was that I remembered my dreams better.

Is there anything you haven’t started yet because you haven’t had a cup of coffee? Or you haven’t had the time? Or you haven’t had the energy? Or you haven’t had the right resources? It’s easy to come up with reasons why we haven’t done something yet. 

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