“I want to print the Märklin steam train”

For the past few months, my little boy has been asking to go and see the Märklin steam train at our local toy store. There’s a video that’s on loop showing this black steam train, I’ve seen it now…only…let me think… a few hundred times. 

We’ve been reluctant to get it since we already have the Duplo train system and the Brio train system and we didn’t want to add another system. There’s only so much train space you can have in one household. 

One thing about my little boy is that he’s persistent – he focuses on one thing until he gets it. He asked me to print a picture of the steam train. He cut it out, got some tape, and taped it to a wall. Every time we walked past it, he would tell us he wanted the Märklin steam train. It’s his vision board.

We kept saying “Maybe for Christmas” but after a while, we decided to link it up to a token economy system where he earns tokens. Once he has enough, he can get it. What I love about my little guy is that he knows what he wants and he is willing to work towards it. 

What are you working towards? I’m guessing it’s not a Märklin steam train but hopefully, you have something you are looking forward to having or experiencing. Do you have it printed out and stuck up?

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