At the beginning of the year, to launch my business, I decided to offer 100 strategy sessions to overcome procrastination. I thought the best way to let people know would be to make a video and post it on social media.

I put this on my task list and a lot of questions started appeared “How shall I film it? What shall I say? Where shall I film it? How long should it be? Where shall I post it? Bla bla bla”. I noticed it starting to creep down the list. I was procrastinating – how ironic!

I have a regular call with Edson, my friend who is a coach. When I told him about this, he started shaking his head and said “No, no, no – do what you are good at – pick up the phone and tell your network what you are offering”.

It was like clouds parting for me. I love speaking to people and picking up the phone is so much easier for me than making a video. Straight after our call, I phoned some friends to ask them to help me spread the word. Some had already experienced my rapid transformational therapy work so they were able to identify people that would benefit from such a session.

So when you find yourself putting off a task, ask yourself “How can I make it easier for myself?” There are always alternatives!